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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'second opinion' myra and edward martinez . . .

Ahhhhh!  The dress as art.  Here are two sketches that I did as I pondered that thought.  Of course - many illustrators and fashion designers have drawn or painted beautiful dresses .  And many artists have incorporated beautiful dresses into their figurative work.  The painting below by Edward Martinez is entitled 'Second Opinion'.  I love the way he was able to incorporate the design element into the skirt.  Something that as of yet I am not able to do.

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  1. Hi Myra - I was just responding to your comment on my blog and see what you're up to and lo and behold you are into fashion sketching! Me too! This one is my favorite that you 've done that I've seen so far. Fun isn't it? Frustrating, challenging but fun too. Not feeling too courageous about posting any I've done yet though.