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Thursday, January 2, 2014

#9 'the little black dress #1' myra and modigliani . . .

dress removed
When I have more time I just might research the origin of 'the little black dress'.  Yesterday I attempted to paint a black dress as 'a work of art'.  It was so terrible that (like a 2 year old) I threw a mental tantrum and almost abandoned the whole 'dress project'.  When I sat down (like an adult) to see how I could salvage this dress I drew ONE line and BOING!  It all came together!  Did Modigliani (see painting below) have these problems?  Maybe I will post this dress tomorrow . . .


  1. Terrific black and white study. Great contrast!

  2. VERY COOL. This "little black dress" is wonderful.

    Also thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments on this!! I must admit....ME TOO....I can react like a two year old while trying to figure out how in the world to draw and paint - especially since I am a beginner.

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. Lillie Langtry, famous actress, socialite and mistress of the Prince of Wales invented the LBD in Victorian England. The idea was later picked up by who else but Coco Channel who added her trade mark pearls. What would we do without it. I love your dresses, but I have to say I'm a little disturbed by the lack of a head, or at least the suggestion of a body up top. I hope you take that as critique not criticism. :)