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Monday, January 6, 2014

'ball gown blue and sharman owings too' by myra anderson . . .

Dress-er-cize!  This is a side step AND a forward step.  This is the same gown that I previously painted in red and green and posted below.  I was dying to paint this gown again! Once again I used the book page and incorporated the graphic that was at the bottom of the page.  What fun! 

The artist Sharman Owings has painted many a garment.  In many of her paintings the garments are not only beautiful but she uses them to tell a unique story. 
'all that is blue'

'inside out'

'out of balance'


  1. I tell you coco chanel has nothing on you, and thank you for introducing me to other painters, I enjoyed the last one, now on to this one

  2. Great work Myra...and love the artist you shared.

  3. I like this gown! Glamourous and yet so simple!

  4. Wonderful - love the way you used the page in your painting!