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Thursday, September 11, 2014

charles jeffrey and illustration by myra anderson . . .

Myra Anderson
As an artist you can be inspired by your favorite artists and you can experiment with every technique and style - but you must find your own unique voice.  And for some (like me) that can take time.
Typically I like to do a very controlled drawing where each line is as perfect as I personally can get it.  That is when I am the most happy.  On the other hand, I like very loose paintings and drawings but I don't consider myself as being very good at this style of art.  I love the beautiful illustrations of artist Charles Jeffrey (below).  In the last post I mentioned the tools of the trade.  Of course in illustration you can also use oil pastels and watercolor crayons as I did in the drawing above.
Charles Jeffrey

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  1. After admiring the skill I saw the striped socks and a huge grin
    happened to drop by.
    Thanks Myra. Your blog is wonderful.