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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ladiga Baiba and 'September 9 fashion drawing' by myra anderson . . .

I'm showing you this drawing again because it has a bit of color.  Mainly I was working on the drape of the dress and the little fashion boot.

Speaking of color . . . if you are going to be an illustrator you certainly need the tools of the trade.  The photo below is from the book Fashion Design Workshop by Stephanie Corfee.  Her list includes PROFESSIONAL markers, PROFESSIONAL grade colored pencils and so forth.  Well, for the most part - I think that I believe that professional grade is better - more saturation of pigment - easier application?
The artist of this beautiful illustration is Ladiga Baiba.  She certainly demonstrates how you can create a beautiful illustration using markers. . .


  1. I left a comment on the other blog because of PPF where you registered. Your art is exquisite. I took a class in illustration (a hundred years ago) but now I love nature and sketch/paint animals. You have my art blog address. I also photograph nature/animals/birds. I admire what you are doing. Blessings, Janet PPF