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Sunday, November 9, 2014

'vintage dress with matisse colors' by myra anderson painter of the dress sketch . . .

myra anderson
As I mentioned before I am trying to improve my painting and drawing skills.  It was very delightful to paint this little vintage dress using the 'matisse colors' you see below.  This is an acrylic painting on 8x10 canvas board.  


  1. Hy myra, thanks for joining my blog - i joined yours too! Matisse is one of my fave painters ever and your dress looks gorgeous!

  2. Like the different colours in the first pic.

  3. j'ai vu tes jolies couleurs sur le blog d'Helen Trachy 'Peintures et aventures!'
    De très belles couleurs chez toi!

  4. Ohhh Matisse. His gorgeous colors and lush...well, everything! Love your painting--and happy to say I am a new follower. I am new in the blog world and always happy to find art friends. xo